The Stories of Rust

In this tale of historical fiction Paul Peters wakes up one winter Sunday morning to find that past local heroes and villains from the nascent industrial revolution have merged with his own present day confusions. This nightmare seems to coincide with the extraordinary appearance of a rogue threshing machine in the hills of South Herefordshire England. Peters is privy to all the ups and downs, loves and battles of an honourable but struggling farming community that faces an agricultural upheaval the like of which has not been seen before. He comes to realise that this parable centres on his own family’s inability to come to terms with a childhood tragedy. Will he begin to distinguish between the real and the imagined events? Will he grasp this opportunity to avert his crumbling life by reconciling the gaping rift between him and his father and thereby begin to overcome his self inflicted guilt?

See, hear and feel this audio/visual story from Jeremy Creighton Herbert and Mikey Kirkpatrick unfold as one chapter is released every month, starting on 1st May 2011

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